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Restricted Breeds

Guidance and Policy for Owners of

Banned / Restricted Breeds

including XL Bully.


Owners of banned or restricted breeds, including, but not exclusively, the XL Bully, must adhere to all regulations stipulated by DEFRA and any Government appointed bodies concerning the ownership and management of such breeds on the day they use our facility.

  • Registration and Paperwork:

Dogs must be registered with the Index of exempted dog in line with Government Legislation and a copy of the certificate is provided and approved by us before you make a booking.

  • Insurance obligation:

Owners must have the correct public liability insurance and provide us with a copy prior to making a booking.

  • Neutered and micro-chipped in line with Government legislation:

Evidence must be provided.

  • Handler–to– dog ratio:

1:1 Handler/dog ratio. If a household has more than 1 dog, they are permitted to use the facilities with a minimum of 1 handler per dog.

  • Field Sharing:

Shared use of the facilities with other dogs from outside your household is not permitted.

  • Secure Gates:

Ensure gates are securely closed and locked from the inside using the bolt provided during use.

  • Muzzle protocol:

It is a legal requirement that dogs wear a muzzle in public spaces.

Our insurers have deemed Merrins Meadow a public space due to the proximity of the public highway; and that the secure nature of the facility is solely dependent on self regulation.


To comply with the law and our insurance policy Restricted Breed owners will need to provide proof of the following documents before you book:

  • Index Exemption Certificate,

  • Proof of being Neutered,

  • Proof of being Microchipped. 

  • Proof of Insurance

Please contact us via email prior to your booking to provide these documents.


In the event of an Incident, safe access is required by the emergency services.

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